Foundation for Resilient Societies


Foundation for Resilient Societies is dedicated to cost-effective protection of technologically-advanced societies from infrequently occurring natural and man-made disasters. Our primary mission is scientific research and education. We are not a grass-roots, membership-based organization. 

Our staff includes both technical and legal experts with dozens of years of experience in critical infrastructure protection and continuity of government issues. We distinguish ourselves from other organizations by the depth of our technical and legal research.

Our current area of emphasis is protection of the U.S. electric grid through the federal rulemaking process at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and its designated standard-setting organization, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation. We also have a pending Petition for Rulemaking at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission for protection of nuclear power plants during long-term loss of offsite commercial grid power.

We have been approved by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charity; contributions are tax deductible and we are qualifed to recieve bequests, gifts, and transfers of stock. For more information about contributing, please contact us at

Please take a bit more time to learn about our organization by visiting our InitiativesIn the News, and About Us web pages. Our detailed work on grid reliability and security can be accessed on our Docket Filings page.